Friday, May 21, 2010

Things are Taking Off!

I recently launched my Etsy Shop and officially have listed a whopping FIVE items, everything from stitch markers to earrings to handmade greeting cards.  I don't have a particular direction for the shop right now other than I want to share my handmade goodies with the world!  I even made a fanpage on Facebook so look me up there and "like" my website!  Right now I have 23 fans and honestly, I don't even know all of them!  Some are friends of friends, but the majority of these fans, I don't even know and that excites me so much!

I have big plans for my little craft empire.  I want to buy a domain name one of these days.  I've thought about podcasting too because I just love to talk.  I want to be famous!

Somebody who has been very inspiring to me has been Dani of the Craft Culture podcast.  Her podcasts are fun to listen to and informative.  A lot of people know that I was studying cultural anthropology at UNC, so anything dealing with sociology or anthropology fascinates me.  Right now she is trying to raise money to travel the United States on a tour. She needs money to do this, so GO DONATE TO HER! Seriously, help a sista out and donate to her. Even a couple bucks will help. I want to meet her this summer so donate money so I can do so!

In other news, I'm knitting a lace shawl and am about a third of the way through with it.  I'm loving knitting simple lace and have completely memorized the pattern.  Yay me.

Go donate to Dani.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Bead It!

I spent Wednesday night at my bestie's house and got some fun beading done.  Melanie made me some gorgeous stitch markers for me to list in my Etsy Shop.  She gave me some extra charms to make some of my own too.  I also made a couple sets of my own stitch markers.  Pictured at right are a couple sets that Melanie made that will be getting listed on Etsy soon.

On Thursday, we checked out Hobby Lobby, where Melanie works, and I got some really gorgeous turquoise beads and elastic to make a couple bracelets.  Next was one of the local bead shops downtown which recently moved to a bigger location.  I love this shop, and managed to find some really cute dragonfly charms to make a set of stitch markers.  There are two beads on each stitch marker, the bigger of which is also from We've Got Beads and the smaller ones were "stolen" from Mel.

I'm excited about making stitch markers and hope to make lots of other pretty beaded goodies to sell on Etsy and give as gifts.  What do you think?

coffee and cashmere,