Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Oh man, it's been weird not blogging, but I think the break did me some good.

First of all, my brother is doing much better. He is back home in California with his dogs. I miss him but we still talk a couple times a week.

Secondly, I'm freaking broke. I got a speeding ticket and then a week later was in a minor car accident. I'm fine, but I'm paying for half of my deductible to get my car fixed. No more yarn money for me for a while...

I participated in two different swaps recently. The Ravelry Group Caffeine Addicts did a Valentine's Day themed swap, and I got my package the day before V-Day from Greymuse from San Francisco! Two different coffees, two mugs, two sets of stitch markers, a rubber "love rat" and a stuffed devil bear, and five skeins of yarn!! Plus, I think I've made a good friend in Greymuse. The second swap was a $5 card and candy swap for my Teen Knitting group on Ravlery. I got several small circular needles so now I have needles to make the Argyle Beret!

I have been knitting too! I don't have any recent photos to show all the yarn off because I can't find my camera charger cord thingie. (God-forbid I left it at home and won't get it until March...) I'm currently working on the Uncle Argyle scarf from the latest Stitch n Bitch book, which will become a sample for my local shop back home. Other than that, dishcloths, a baby sweater, and a toy for my friend's new baby.

Hopefully I can get my hands on a camera soon so I can show everybody some pictures!

coffee and cashmere,