Friday, June 19, 2015

Pocket Letters, Planners, and More

When I started this blog, I had such a hard time picking a title for it.  I don't just do one or two crafts, I do almost everything.  Seriously, I will try anything once.  While it would drive some people crazy, I love that I can go from project to project very happily.  I feel like I get to experience even more of everything life has to offer this way.

So my current obsessions, in no particular order...

  • Letter writing with pen pals I met from Instagram
  • Pocket Letters
  • my new Erin Condren Life planner
  • redoing furniture I find second-hand

Here is my first pocket letter.  The premise is really an interesting one! You take a trading card sleeve and fill each pocket with different stuff, goodies, paper, whatever.  I just joined a group on Facebook where people make so many beautiful and intricate pocket letters.  Something to aspire to for sure.  

This is my new Erin Condren Life Planner.  I've been wanting one for months but just could not justify spending $50 on a planner.  So I bought a really cute Lily Pulizter planner from Amazon that I've been using since January.  I like that one a lot but it's huge and I don't care for the layout of the weeks.

I've already started decorating my new ECLP.  It starts in July, and while I don't want the summer to go by any faster than it needs to, I'm excited to start using it for reals, ya know?

Hobby Lobby just started letting spouses of employees use the employee discount without their employee spouse present so I can go into Hobby Lobby and buy stuff whenever I want and get even more of a discount.  So far I've been pretty restrained with my spending, which I'm sure my husband is very grateful for since we only have his one income.  Just one more year and I'll be making bank as an RN and can really feed my crafting addictions.

Since it's Friday, I'm off to my weekly Knitters meeting!

love & coffee,