Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring It On, Universe!

Right now I am taking a break from packing up all of my stuff.  This sounds weird considering classes are supposed to be starting tomorrow, but I won't be staying at UNC this semester.  I've had a lot of trouble performing well academically since I started there in 2008, and it's been decided that I am moving back home to Pueblo and living with my parents.

This is a blow because I'm going to miss my friends so much.  I've made my little family up here and it sucks beyond all belief to leave them behind.  The people I have met through my journey at this university have been so amazing.  I am grateful to them for the impact they have had on me.

My now ex-boyfriend and I did a tarot reading Friday night that proved to be very interesting.  I received the Seven of Cups, a very special card.  Through my struggles with this new adventure I will find my life's purpose.  As scared as I am about everything new that could start soon, I'm excited to see where life will take me.

And yes, you read that right... Cameron and I have ended our eight month relationship.  People have been making a big deal about it even though I'm all right.  It was a mutual decision made with love and respect, and I'm happy that we had the relationship that we did for so long.  He has changed my life in ways neither of us may ever know.

I better get back to this whole moving thing.  And making coffee because I'm emotionally exhausted!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Couple Cups

Hello my lovelies!  I am back in my own apartment awaiting the start of the spring semester.  My trip was amazing, and I hope that I will eventually write posts about each amazing day.  However, here's some prose about what I've been up to the past few days...

I still owe Melanie her Christmas present.  I had a friend from out of town stay with me before I left for California and was unable to finish sewing her gift.  I'm making a ton of progress, but I won't tell you exactly what this is in case she reads this. (HI MEL!) So I've been working on her belated present while watching TV reruns on my laptop and drinking coffee out of my new mug.  I think it is officially one of the coolest mugs I've ever owned!   It says "MAKE COFFEE NOT WAR" and I found it in a little gift shop in Long Beach while we were in California and paid a mere $4 for it!

One of the most awesome presents I got this Christmas was from Melanie and her mom: a mix to make a cupcake in a cup! Of course I'm totally into cupcakes and all things yummy and chocolate so today I made my cupcake in a cup.  It doesn't exactly look like the most appetizing thing in the world but after five minutes in the microwave, I had a literal cup cake!  It was strawberry-flavored chocolate, odd but still yummy.  The cup is really more like a small bowl with a handle so I'm sure it will be useful.

Now on to more sewing and even more coffee!!