Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When I Really Should Be Studying

I'm trying to write a blog entry about the amazing insanity called college life, but words can describe the roller coaster ride I've been experiencing since the end of August.

My dad came to visit me this past Sunday, which was the first time he has been to the university since he attended in the mid-sixties! The only thing on West Campus then(my side of campus) was the residence hall I live in now, and even Central Campus has changed so much since then. It was such an amazing experience to share with my father, alumnus of the same institute of higher education that I chose. I just can't wait to go to a football game with him in a few weeks!

Sadly, not a lot of knitting has been going on. I couple dishcloths from Knitty's Back to School pattern before I came to college, and I had fully planned on finishing them for myself but that hasn't happened. There are a couple girls in my history of sex and sexuality class who knit or crochet, so at least I don't feel completely bizarre when I pull out my needles in class.

There are only 104 days until Christmas so I really need to get started on my holiday knitting! I see lots of hats and dishcloths in my future, possibly with some fingerless gloves thrown in for good measure. If nothing else, "I.O.U. one knitted gift" coupons should suffice?

Off to psych class. Maybe I'll get on the ball and take more pictures of my cubby hole called a dorm room.

coffee and cashmere (ha, on my budget? No way!),