Friday, July 30, 2010

Still Scrapping

I'm still in a huge scrapbooking kick, but it's taken a bit of a new turn.  I'm making a 8.5" x 11" scrapbook for a close family friend, and had to dive into my dad's stash of old pictures.  This has been an interesting and challenging experience for me.

Most of the pictures in this box are of Doug and Tony.  I scanned this one of them riding their motorcycles together; it is one of my favorites from the whole box.  There are lots of funny pictures of them together; they were really close.

Yesterday, my dad and I sorted through reprints of ALL the negatives.  It took a while and it was hard for both of us.  I still can't believe both my brothers are gone, but at least they are together now, riding motorcycles in Heaven.

love and coffee,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scrap Happy

I have been scrapbooking like a mad woman lately.  Forget knitting.  Forget beading.  Forget sewing.  Right now, it's all about scrapbooking!  This is my most recent layout:

I went to Archivers last week with a couple of friends, and while we were there we talked about everything we had to scrapbook to catch up and what we had already scrapbooked.  I've noticed we all have different approaches to what we scrapbook and when.  On that particular day, I worked on my school trip to the Grand Canyon from 2004 while Marissa worked with pictures from college and Erin did some very recent shots from a party.  Normally my mother works on things chronologically since that is how her albums go, but lately she has jumped around a little more, working on a couple different trips that were put in their own albums.  Personally, I usually jump around and do whatever I feel like; however, I have been pushing to finish my 2006 trip to Europe and at least one year of high school (which looks like it will be my senior year since I have so much of that done already).  My next project though, once I clean up my craft room, is to put together a 8.5" by 11" album for a close family friend who just finished grad school.

Need more proof that I am so addicted to scrapbooking right now?  As I sit here at my computer, my fingers are itching for paper, pictures, and adhesives.  When I'm not scrpabooking, I'm usually online looking at other people's scrapbooks, which has inspired me to start photographing my layouts to show off online too.

How do you like to scrapbook?  Alone or with friends?  What size book do you use?  What kind of album?  Tell me!