Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Made It!

That's right readers, I'm officially away at college! I'm in single room this year and I like the privacy I'll have, despite having like no space for myself. I will have to learn how to cope with having no towel rack and no ceiling fan. The silver lining is that I have a whole fridge and coffee pot to myself.

The last couple days have just been an amazing and very unique experience. I bought my first college text book yesterday, which almost completely wiped out the contents of my checking account. I've already made some friends that I hope to keep with me for many years. Plus I've learned that it's important to actually read those pesky manuals that come with every new appliance.

My last day in Pueblo was pretty fun. Because it was a Wednesday, a group of "the girls" met at a local coffee shop downtown for some knitting and spinning. I'm actually starting to become quite the drop spindler I think! There is even photographic evidence to prove it. The drop spindle I'm using in said photographic evidence is the one I purchased at the Estes Park Wool Market in June for just under $30, and it's handmade with hearts carved out on the top. Really quite gorgeous in my opinion!

As far as knitting is going...well, it really isn't, sadly! I brought plenty of "dischcloth" cotton with me as well as some other yarns to start knitting Christmas presents. I'm incredibly broke right now, so I am officially on a yarn diet!

Once my dorm room is tidier and I finally throw out the leftover boxes from my microwave and lamp, I'll take some pictures to show off my new space!

coffee and cashmere,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Case of the Stolen Laptop

After babysitting and hanging out with a friend Friday night, I came home, hoping to check my e-mail and Ravelry, but when I went downstairs to get my computer, my laptop was gone! In her place was a ransom note.

Dear Luci,
I have been taken for ransom. I want to be back with you but first you have to clean up the playroom so the family can watch the Olympics. Please do it soon so that I can be back with you.
Love, your laptop.

Okay, I admit that the playroom (our downstairs "rec room" if you will) was pretty messy, and most of it was my fault. But taking my dear laptop ransom? That seemed like a pretty extreme measure. These are my last few weeks at home and I've been hanging out downstairs because that's where the air conditioning is. The room was a mess because I'm trying to pack for college while still knitting and doing all my other crafts. But was it really necessary to kidnap my sweet Elphie? Okay, I'll let you figure this one out for yourselves.

All right, maybe it was kind of bad, but still! I do have to give my mother credit for finally getting a sense of humor when it came to something that I'm sure is very frustrating for her. Such drastic measures did get me to start cleaning that room though, and I think I've made some decent progress! It's not as good as it could look of course, especially with all the packing I'm doing for college, but I'm proud of the work I've done thus far. When the room looks even better, maybe I'll take more pictures.

Now there's even more room for spinning, which I've become quite addicted to lately.

coffee and cashmere,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coming Soon to a Craftylulu Near You

I would be blogging tons right now if it weren't for...

A) I haven't taken enough pictures to write a decent post with.

B) My right shoulder, and therefore my right arm, is killing me, making knitting very difficult.

C) My mother has taken my laptop hostage, ransom note and all.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Wallet Doth Protest Much

At least I think that's another way to say I'm totally broke!

One of my best friends Melanie and I went to the Denver area this weekend to do some much needed shopping, bonding, and relaxing. After hitting three malls, one shopping center, five restaurants, one Baskin Robin's, and several other various stores later, I am to be very prepared for college life in addition to being well dressed!

What did all my money fund?

Okay, my cousin Meredith actually bought most of this stuff for my dorm room because she's just plain sneaky and too nice.

I also purchased three tops and one tank from Old Navy, a super cute hoodie from Torrid, and some great clearance stuff from Lane Bryant including two adorable dresses for only $10 each! Our first stop on the trip was Ulta where Melanie finally bought herself that great Daisy perfume from Marc Jacobs and I was able to find a great black lace train case to take to school.

Not everything I purchased was just for me. I found birthday presents for both my sisters and my friend James.

Something I noticed while we were shopping is how lacy sweaters are becoming popular for fall. Seeing knitting-related anything in fashion always makes me excited. Eventually I'd love to be able to actually knit something quickly enough to wear it in the season it was designed for.

Speaking of knitting, I think I found the perfect pattern for all the gray Cotton Fleece that I decided is NOT going to be knit into Tahoe. The latest Knitty Surprise, Hey, Teach! looks just too cute and like a fun knit. I must cast on as soon as possible! Gibsongirl on Ravelry knit a beautiful one from teal Cotton Fleece, and after talking with her a bit, I'm convinced that this is the short-sleeved cardigan for me.

Well dear readers, I am off to one of my local coffee shops to spin and knit with some of "the girls". Maybe you'll get lucky and get a second post tonight with pictures of some spinning progress.

coffee and cashmere,