Sunday, August 26, 2007


As promised, pictures from recent Stash Enriching Expeditions! This is a picture of me, taking by my lovely cousin, in from of all the gorgeous Cascade 220 wool at the crack house, I mean YARN STORE, in Boulder! As a Cascade 220 addict, I was in heaven. I had mentioned before how much I loved that yarn store, and I really do look forward to going back someday to buy out the orphanage.

This is some very pretty Cotton Fleece from Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, purchased from the Orphanage for a very reasonable $6.15. It's a lovely jade green, and of course I have no idea what to make out of it.

And this is some Luna cotton yarn from Cascade, all for a very reasonable orphanage price. Can anybody say pretty purple striped scarf?

Gorgeous greens! Purchased from the Lamb Shoppe in Denver, the skein on the left is 100% wool, and the skein on the right is a Debbie Bliss yarn, made of cashmere, wool, and microfibre. Of course, these are going to be a scarf too, with a fun play on different textures in the yarn.

Those were the yarn finds from my recent trip to Denver. I also bought a skein of some Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn, a varigated blue, white, and yellow, to make myself some washcloths.

And also, I order some really fun and pretty handspun from Etsy, from Spinning Warm Fuzzies. I paid only $8 for about 100 yards of lovely silk/wool handspun, plus $1 for shipping. I highly recommend this Etsy seller. The price was very reasonable, perfect for getting my feet wet when it comes to handspun, internet shopping, and the like. Her shipping was very prompt and the yarn arrived in wonderful condition! I can't wait to start knitting with it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gotta love the S.E.X.!

As in Stash Enriching Expedition!!

I went to the Denver area last week for some qaulity time if my mom's second cousin Meredith. On the way up, I stopped at Denver's own Lamb Shoppe, the same place Mom and I had ventured to back in March. This time, however, I actually bought something! Two different skeins of gorgeous green yarn and a pair of size 6 US bamboo needles. I need a green scarf now, so I'm happy. ^_^

On Saturday, Meredith and I went to the Farmers' Market in Boulder, CO. I had heard very good things about the yarn store up there, Spindles, Shuttles, and Skeins, and after asking around for a bit, we found it! I do have an excellent sense of direction after all. All five skeins of yarn I purchased there were "orphans", as in some of the last in their dye lots or something like that. There were an entire two shelves, what we shall call the Orphanage, devoted to orphan yarn. I got some beautiful purple cotton yarn, and then a skein of Cotton Fleece in a gorgeous jade green.

Of course, as I write this, I am listening to a summer storm at the Hoffman's house and therefore can't show off my pictures just yet. Wait until tomorrow!!

coffee and cashmere,
Miss Lu