Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My lovely digital camera has a dead battery and I can't find my cord to charge it. Sadly I won't be able to get any pictures of the gorgeous yarn I bought in Nashville until I charge the camera and actually take pictures.

However, I will leave you with this teaser...

Yes dear readers, I visited a yarn store called the Haus of Yarn. And it was simply marvelous.

coffee and cashmere,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Left on a Jet Plane...

Hurray! I'm in Nashvhille! My dad and I left our house yesterday just before seven in the morning to drive to the next city to catch our first plane. It wasn't actually even a jet plane; it was a small turbo power propeller plane!

We then had a three hour layover in Denver, ironically only a two hourish drive from our house. We found a good place to eat one of the other concourses so that killed a lot of time, especially since the Rock Bottom Brewery was slow that day!

The actual flight from Denver to Nashville wasn't too bad except for all the crying kids. My ears also popped a lot, and I was really tired. Sadly, it wasn't one of the better flights I've taken. I could totally tell how humid it was here from the moment we disembarked from the plane. Where I live in Colorado has a fairly dry climate so I think I am rather sensitive to humidity. Everything here is so green and there are so many trees! It's really quite beautiful.

For dinner, Dad and I went to the one and only Waffle House, a tradition on trips that take us south. I have a feeling that we'll end up eating there quite a bit more. Best grits to be found anywhere!

I haven't hit any yarn stores yet, but I did my research and hopefully I'll be able to visit at least one or two. The Compassionate Friends conference starts tonight, which is the whole reason why we came. I'm actually excited about that; the people you meet there are just amazing.

More updates about the country music capital of the world when I have more to talk about!!

coffee and cashmere,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working in Mysterious Ways

Warning: There really isn't much knitting related stuff in this post.

Pretty much everybody who has ever been around a church has heard how God works in mysterious ways, and as much of a cliche as it is, it is so true. The past week, I have been busy every night and some days with my church's summer day/night camp thing called Totus Tuus. The four teachers, college students from all over the place, were just phenomenal and inspiring. My Catholic faith has always meant so much to me, but programs like this really make it come alive. My week wasn't all just church stuff though; we also had a blast playing and I have pictures to prove it.

Me, my sister Rachel, one of the teachers and our "big bro" Blake, and my sister Gina

On the last day, all the little kids got to pick two of the four teachers and CUPCAKE THEM! It was so much fun and I took a million pictures. The kids chose Blake, our "adopted" big brother, and Carrie. After we cupcaked the teachers, the kids had a huge water fight! I stayed in the dry zone because I wore jeans and did not want to get them wet. These kids really get into everything they do from the games they play to their faith. One can tell this by the amount of cupcakes on our teachers' heads. Great picture, no?

We took one last picture, even if it is a little blurry. The redhead in the middle is Rachel, the other girl teacher and one of my new best friends. We had several heart-to-heart talks over the week and I got so much off my chest. The really tall guy on the left is Josh, the final Totus Tuus teacher, what a sweetheart, a gentle giant. Other people in the picture include Sarah and her sister, my sister Rachel, and two of the other teen volunteers.

Okay, now on to the knitting... Dishcloths are my new obsession as of late. I've cranked out two since we left for Arizona and I'm two thirds done with my third one. I figure that nobody can steal my washcloths at college if they're all very unique! I'm still working on wool scarf for my mom and the sample scarf for the shop. Thursday, I cast on a new pair of Fetchings in a gorgeous yellow for my cousin, but I messed up on the second one so I'll have to rip it all out and start over again! Patience is a virtue..

Also, my grandfather is doing a bit better now. He's been moved out of I.C.U. and into a new rehab hospital. My mom and I had lots of good talks. We stopped at Village Wools in New Mexico, one of my favorite yarn stores, and I bought some sock yarn to make myself a shawl! My mom even bought some yarn for herself so I'm anxious to see if she'll actually ever use it since she's not that big into fiber crafts anymore.

This post is long enough. I'll try to post more the rest of the summer. I miss blogging.

coffee and cashmere,